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AnnonaSense CLR™

AnnonaSense CLR™ provides the skin with means to establish a sustainable homeostatic balance, improving skin health and well-being. The potent adaptogenic action of AnnonaSense CLR™ supports the skin’s endocannabinoid system by activating the CB2 receptor. Through this action, it reduces inflammatory processes induced by TRPV1. Histamine-, as well as TNFα/Substance P-induced stress is down-regulated and the expression of a vital detrimental receptor in skin, IL-31RA, is decreased. AnnonaSense CLR™ makes the skin less sensitive and more balanced, even itch is perceivably reduced. Skin appearance is improved and the perception of well-being and quality of life is enhanced.

Belides™ ORG

Belides™ ORG is a natural skin-lightening agent, derived from organic daisy flowers (Bellis perennis). It is suitable for any skincare concept providing even and luminous complexion and radiant skin. Belides™ ORG’s action is based on a potent, multifaceted reduction in the activity of melanocytes. Belides™ ORG influences different cellular pathways involved in melanogenesis, encompassing the reduction of cellular signaling, tyrosinase transcription, tyrosinase activity and melanosome transfer. These actions lead to even pigmentation and make age spots less visible.

CutiBiome CLR™

CutiBiome CLR™ is a synergistic complex of lipophilic extracts from Manuka, Black Pepper and Magnolia. It provides essential support for the natural balance between skin and its microbiota in difficult situations, like acne and dandruff. The active reduces the film forming activity and significantly inhibits the growth of virulent phylotypes of Cutibacterium acnes. It strongly reduces inflammation involved in acne and dandruff. In vitro and in vivo studies show that it strongly reduces inflammation involved in acne and dandruff. On people suffering from acne, the use of CutiBiome CLR™ leads to a dramatic and perceivable reduction of sebum production, comedones, pustules and pimples. CutiBiome CLR™ was also shown to reduce expression of 5α-reductase and the production of inflammatory mediators. In vivo studies showed potent reduction of dandruff. CutiBiome CLR™ supports the scalp microbiota to return to its normal healthy state, more effectively than Piroctone Olamine. It also outperforms this benchmark ingredient in reducing scalp oiliness, scalp sensitivity and itch.

MultiMoist CLR™

MultiMoist CLR™ activates production of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and promotes the VDR’s activation. MultiMoist CLR™ also potentiates the effect of vitamin D. As a consequence the skin becomes more moisturized. By making use of 5 different objective instrumental approaches, the immediate and long term moisturizing properties of MultiMoist CLR™ were convincingly proven. Additionally, the activity of MultiMoist CLR™ was proven in a consumer study, where the subjective improvement of skin moisture content, skin smoothness and the look of skin were confirmed. In addition, MultiMoist CLR™ binds water in the cortex of hair, improving a variety of important hair qualities. It is a hair conditioner, improving its combability and handling. MultiMoist CLR™ also protects against color fading caused by repeated washing with shampoo. It dramatically reduces hair breakage from combing and MultiMoist CLR™ has a strong impact on static flyaway too. Hair frizziness is significantly reduced as well. MultiMoist CLR™ consists of a powerful synergistic blend of fructooligosaccharides and beta vulgaris (beet) root extract.

ProRenew Complex CLR™

Based on probiotic technology, ProRenew Complex CLR™ acts on essential features in the aging process of the skin, its ability to successfully adapt to a constantly changing environment and to effectively renew itself. ProRenew Complex CLR™ positively influences the speed and quality of epidermal growth. It has shown to effectively promote desquamation, the shedding of dead cells. ProRenew Complex CLR™ is beneficial for both the health of skin and the skin microbiota. It balances and protects the skin microbiota and supports it in dealing with day-to-day stress.

  JuvenEye CLR™ 

Based on a synergistic combination of extracts of Hieracium pilosella and the flowers of Bellis perennis, JuvenEye CLR™ addresses the most important dermatological processes in the formation and persistence of dark circles. It activates vital processes which allow for the breakdown of heme, which is both dark-colored and plays an important role in the etiology of dark circles. JuvenEye CLR™ also activates dermal draining, through its ability to increase the production of VEGF-C. Excess fluids, electrolytes and immune cells are drained away more effectively. With JuvenEye CLR™ melanin deposition in the skin is reduced and overall skin health is improved. In in vivo studies where JuvenEye CLR™ was compared with a corresponding placebo-formulation it could be seen that JuvenEye CLR™ clearly reduces the visibility of dark circles. Both the color and the surface area of dark circles were reduced significantly.

Repair Complex CLR™ PF

Repair Complex CLR™ PF is a biotechnological anti-aging active, obtained from a lysate of probiotic bifidobacteria, which potently protects against UV-induced damage in the skin. UV radiation leads to skin cell damage and immunosuppression, a deactivation of the local immune system in the skin. By effectively activating anti-immunosuppressive processes on the cellular level, Repair Complex CLR™ PF increases cellular repair and potently supports the skin’s endogenous protection mechanisms. Repair Complex CLR™ PF thus counteracts premature skin aging, i.e. photoaging.

MPC™-Milk Peptide Complex

MPC™ reduces the visible signs of aging by reactivating skin cells and inducing the production of extracellular matrix molecules in the dermis, such as collagen Type I, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin. In vivo studies have shown that formulations with MPC™ make the skin firmer and improve its elasticity. MPC™ quickly and effectively reduces wrinkle depth and improves the structure of the skin. MPC™– Milk Peptide Complex contains a complex of activated natural signaling molecules derived from milk, such as TGF-β. Also available encapsulated in plant-derived liposomes as MPC™-Liposomes.


SyriCalm™ is a natural product derived from Poria cocos and Phragmites. It effectively reduces inflammation and strongly supports skin in dealing with external stresses. Additionally, SyriCalm™ is designed to give effective support where the skin is challenged by environmental stress, e.g. shaving, depilation or daily hygiene. It helps the skin recover its natural balance.

Phytosan™ K 

Phytosan™ K exerts a potent influence against skin aging. It activates cellular repair processes, supporting the maintenance of cellular integrity and energy after UV irradiation. Both are important factors in counteracting photoaging. Phytosan™ K also has potent regenerative effects, such as stimulation of collagen synthesis. This results in improved skin firmness and smoothness and a reduction of wrinkle depth. Phytosan™ K counteracts biological and UV-induced premature aging of the skin. Phytosan™ K contains proteins, glycoproteins, and polysaccharides isolated from organic soybeans (GMO-free).

ProBioBalance CLR™ NP 

ProBioBalance CLR™ NP activates cellular processes involved in cellular nutrition and helps activate detoxification processes. The metabolic activity of skin cells is increased, and the skin’s immune system strengthened and protected against environmental stress. The application of ProBioBalance CLR™ NP leads to reduction of skin inflammation and also actively prepares skin for external stresses. ProBioBalance CLR™ NP consists of probiotic bifido cultures which are suspended and disintegrated in a biologically active milk-based matrix.


Modukine™ is a milk-derived active ingredient which is specifically designed for the effective regenerative care of sensitive, dry and troubled skin. It is intended for any type of skin which shows chronic and pronounced inflammation. Modukine™ acts as an extremely potent biological cell response modifier. It strongly reduces inflammatory processes in the skin at a cellular level and helps to restore skin barrier and normal skin functionality.

Lactokine™ Fluid PF

Lactokine™ Fluid PF is a multifunctional agent, suitable for a wide variety of skincare concepts. It effectively soothes and calms skin, accelerating the reduction of skin redness and irritation after external stresses. Additionally, Lactokine™ Fluid PF vitalizes and energizes skin cells and induces the synthesis of collagen, yielding skin smoothing and firming properties, thus making it a potent anti-aging product. In other in vivo studies Lactokine™ Fluid PF was shown to be very effective in skin lightening, reducing the production of melanin. Lactokine™ Fluid PF contains a network of activated and stabilized signal molecules derived from milk.

Follicusan™ DP

Follicusan™ DP stimulates the functionality of the dermal papilla cells at the base of the hair follicles, thus counteracting premature hair loss. It increases the number of anagen hair follicles (growth stage) and decreases that of telogen hair follicles (resting stage). Hair density as well as cumulative hair thickness is increased. Follicusan™ DP contains biologically active signaling proteins, ethyl panthenol (provitamin B5), inositol as well as acetyl cysteine and acetyl methionine in a water-ethanol medium.

PhytoDefense CLR™

PhytoDefense CLR™ is especially designed for the care of hyper-reactive and irritable skin. It essentially reduces the sensitivity of skin by its goal-oriented approach to the most important features of sensitive skin: burning/stinging/itching sensations and skin redness. Skin irritations as well as skin redness are noticeably reduced. PhytoDefense CLR™ is obtained from Magnolia grandiflora, known in traditional medicine for its potent calming and soothing properties.

Vitamin F forte

Vitamin F forte nurtures, protects and acts as a skin conditioner. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of dry, stressed and sensitive skin, potently supporting the skin in rebuilding and maintaining its natural healthy structure and functionality. Vitamin F forte also is a strong hair conditioner, improving hair combability, and has shown to protect against hair breakage. Vitamin F forte contains natural polyunsaturated essential free fatty acids originating from safflower oil, with a particularly high content of linoleic acid.

DayMoist CLR™

DayMoist CLR™ potently and immediately increases the concentration of the natural moisturizing factors (NMF) in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effects. These results were obtained by making use of Confocal Raman Microspectroscopy and analyzing skin capacitance. DayMoist CLR™ also is a hair conditioner, improving hair combability and manageability. Additionally, it was shown to positively influence the mechanical properties of hair and to protect against fading of hair color in dyed hair. DayMoist CLR™ also effectively protects hair against heat that is applied during hair straightening. DayMoist CLR™ is a complex of natural plant-derived active ingredients.

ProBarrier™ CLR

ProBarrier™ CLR, a suspension of waxy particles based on caprylic/capric triglycerides and Copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, is a highly technological skincare ingredient which creates a persistent but non-occlusive film on the skin. It is especially designed for cosmetic formulations which aim to shield the skin against harsh environmental conditions, providing an extra layer of protection and an excellent light skin feel.

Hygroplex™ HHG

Hygroplex™ HHG is a physiological moisturizer, specifically designed to be fully adapted to the water-binding capacity of human skin, containing ingredients similar to the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) in the skin. It is extremely suitable for skincare concepts for dry and aged skin and can be used in any skincare application for any type of skin which needs hydration. It effectively moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Additionally, it has shown to be a potent moisturizer for hair, increasing its water content and improving its mechanical properties. Also available as Hygroplex™ WHN without hexyl nicotinate.

Carrot Oil CLR

Carrot Oil CLR is especially suitable for anti-aging skin care, sun and after-sun care, and all skincare concepts for obtaining an even and harmonious skin color. Carrots are renowned for their high content of ß-carotene, which is further enriched in Carrot Oil CLR to obtain optimal results for the skin, providing skin with much needed protection. Carrot Oil CLR is a lipophilic extract of Daucus carota sativa in stabilized soybean oil, enriched with anti-oxidative ß-carotene to 3,300 IU/g.

Ceramide Complex CLR™

Ceramide Complex CLR™ K supplies skin with structural elements and supports the recovery and maintenance of the skin’s healthy barrier function and water-holding capacity. Ceramide Complex CLR™ K contains 2% lipids in lamellar liquid crystalline form. The plant-derived lipid mixture consists of phospholipids and at least 10% sphingolipids, and is easily able to penetrate skin. It also moisturizes hair.

Maricol S 

Due to its film-forming and skin-protective properties, Maricol S is especially suitable for the care of dry and mature skin as well as skin stressed by negative environmental influences. Maricol S is a native soluble collagen of marine origin, obtained from fish skin.

Hexaplant™ Richter

Hexaplant™ Richter is applicable in a wide variety of skin and haircare concepts, such as baby care, and care for sensitive skin and scalp. Hexaplant™ Richter contains potent mixtures of extracts from fennel, hops, chamomile, balm mint, mistletoe and yarrow. All ingredients are well known and well appreciated in both traditional medicine and modern science, especially for their skin-healing and soothing properties.

Sedaplant™ Richter

Sedaplant™ Richter is applicable in a wide variety of skin and haircare concepts, such as baby care, and care for sensitive skin and scalp. Sedaplant™ Richter contains potent mixtures of extracts from fennel, hops, chamomile, balm mint, mistletoe and yarrow, as well as urea and allantoin. All ingredients are well known and well appreciated in both traditional medicine and modern science, especially for their skin-healing and soothing properties.

Soluvit Richter NP is suitable for a wide variety of skin and haircare concepts, such as the treatment of eye bags, dark circles, bruises and the care of tired legs and nails, but also for anti–hair loss. Soluvit Richter NP is based on an extract of horse chestnut enriched with vitamins A, E, F, H (biotin) and vitamins of the B group. Horse chestnut has a rich history of use in traditional and modern medicine, especially for its stimulating and energizing properties. The vitamins show an extensive range of potential benefits for both skin and hair.

Calendula Oil CLR

Calendula Oil CLR is particularly suitable for skin and haircare concepts where soothing and calming properties are valued, such as baby care, care for sensitive skin, elderly skin and irritated scalp. Calendula has been extensively used in both traditional and modern medicine for its well-described anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula Oil CLR is obtained by an extremely mild extraction of the blossoms of Calendula officinalis in stabilized soybean oil. Also available as Organic Calendula Oil CLR which is based on organic calendula blossoms and organic soybean oil compliant with Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on organic production of agricultural products. Organic Calendula Oil CLR is certified by ECOCERT Greenlife and Cosmos.

Arnica Oil CLR

Arnica Oil CLR is suitable for a wide variety of skin and haircare concepts, such as anti–hair loss, relief for troubled skin, and after-sun care. Arnica is renowned for its ability to stimulate and heal the skin, which is illustrated by its extensive use in the treatment of bruises and sprains. It is also known for its calming and soothing properties. Arnica Oil CLR is obtained by an extremely mild extraction of the blossoms of Arnica montana in stabilized soybean oil.

St. John’s Wort Oil CLR

St. John’s Wort Oil CLR is particularly suitable for the care of dry, sensitive and problem skin, chapped lips, and in the support of irritated skin. St. John’s Wort has been traditionally used in medicinal applications to treat insect bites, sunburn, bruises and edema. St. John’s Wort Oil CLR contains the lipophilic components of the aerial parts of the St. John‘s Wort plant (Hypericum perforatum), collected when in blossom and gently extracted in olive oil.